Through the Eyes of Venus Mid-Lunation Moon Poetry.

Venus has been a major player this lunar cycle. She started this month with a square to Chiron and a conjunction with Pallas Athena, before entering an opposition with Saturn the past week. Moving towards the end of the lunation, she’ll enter a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune, before having another opposition with Pluto.

Venus conjunct Pallas Athena (5/17-5/20)
Were I chaste, could I see(breathe) clearly?
Can an objective observer be chased?
I think there’s lovegenerosity in freedom:
Purity in the heights, out of dependence,
The tangle and struggle doesn’t taste like truthlove.

Venus square Chiron (5/18-5/22)
How deep is this hole I feel in me?
If I had the time, I would dig, explore,
dance in those cavernous depths.
This pain is sweet, nourishing, real, real real.

Venus opposing Saturn (5/22-5/29)
How would maturity move? I see beauty in discipline,
Limitation, commitment. I don’t know the rules, though.
This is diamond-making, integrity testing.
Am I rooted into what I need?

Venus Grand Trine with Jupiter and Neptune (5/28-6/3)
Delusion, take me back into play,
The infinite games gaining in strength
And the eternal glimmer in darkness’ eye.
Help us hearheal your substance, storyspirit.
The ocean’s waterfall finding the desert’s dwelling.

Venus opposing Pluto (6/3-6/8)
I hear Death loves us an incredible amount.
What if the shadows follow through,
And the fallow land’s the most fecund?
Feel the fresh pregnancy in the deep,
Swallowing the seeds, down
To where potential breathes.

Through the Eyes of Venus Mid-Lunation Moon Poetry.

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