Astrologers assume that we choose when to take our first breath, that this moment perfectly matches what our soul needs in this lifetime, and that this is reflected in the stars above. As the Hermetic Dictum says, ‘As above, so below.’

There are lots of different ways that Astrologers calculate and interpret these heavenly conditions. I integrate a blend of Indian (Vedic) and Western methods.

I always start by using the tools of Evolutionary Astrology, which focuses on the nodes of the moon as indicators of the Soul’s evolutionary journey, describing its past karma, current desires, and future destiny. I’ve found it to be a truly magical way of diving directly into a soulful space with a client.

Within this, I appreciate the holistic, health centered focus of Vedic Astrology, and always look at their Nakshatras, which are connected to fixed stars in the night sky. I have also recently been appreciating the Decans, 10 degree slices of the regular zodiac, which articulate a beautifully nuanced process in the transformation of consciousness.

My dream is to create an embodied astrology, merging Heaven and Earth, Mind and Body, Psyche and Soma. I hope to animate your imagination, affirm your intuition, and to liberate clear feeling.

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