Astrology is a language of the soul, a way to understand this murky but marvelous dream called life. Are you interested in some cosmic clarity?

Reach out to book a reading or start a conversation! You can find me at or 210-392-7571. I usually like to schedule readings in advance, but I’m also open to spontaneity. Let me know if you’d like to pay in cryptocurrency–I can accept almost anything.

Catch Me When You Can–Pay What You Can (up to 20 minutes) 
    Micro-Readings also serve as quick and potent perspective-givers for single questions. Are you wondering about a potential move, a budding relationship, or what the hell is going on for you this Mercury retrograde? While 20 minutes isn’t enough to explore the full depths and context of an issue, it can definitely get you a good look. For context, a dollar a minute is a fair energy exchange for me. Again, you can find me at 210-392-7571.

Full Reading—75 Minutes for $75-$125
    A natal chart reading provides a panoramic view of your world. Zooming in at each of the planets, we get to listen to and love all of your different selves. Zooming out, we can map your internal dynamics and the core themes of your journey—in this life and across lifetimes. A basic understanding of the language of astrology and your natal chart gives you powerful tools for the rest of your life.

    Astrology also articulates how each part of your life is activated at different moments in time. While an hour and fifteen minutes isn’t enough time for a full exploration of how to make the best use of this season in your life (I’d invite you to check out the Lunar Loop package), we’ll definitely get a basic look at it.
    I always dedicate a good chunk of time to my clients to prepare for our session. Afterward, I’ll send a wrap-up with my notes, the charts we looked at, and a recording of our session. If you reaally can’t afford a reading right now but still need some outside help, give me a shout and we’ll work something out.

Lunar Loop Ally Package — 4 Sessions book for $250-400
    Our culture doesn’t teach us how to dance with the different qualities of time. In a lunar cycle, we go through four distinct shifts of energy. The moon also sweeps through your entire chart in 28 days, gathering input from each of your different selves. Consciously living with the moon and the stars, you can experience life in a more fluid and profound manner.
    We’ll begin this journey around a new moon and map out the month ahead of us. Meeting for the next three weeks, deal with the chronic difficulties that arise and lean into the opportunities brought by the tides. This structure is great for those that recognize the magic of astrology and understand the value of support in navigating the depths of the world.