The Sun has been conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, for a couple days, and will continue for a minute.
-There could be a sense of being close to a deep pain, a sense of unresolved suffering that trails back and back and back.
-Through tending this wound, we might be coming to some new sense of capability. ‘I know how to navigate this.’
-This process of treating the wound may have to do with an inward retreat, trying to listen to things more closely, giving deeper and clearer focus to whatever is asking for our attention.
-Since Chiron is in a square with Mars, this frustration may feel a little fiery. There could be a sense that strong action is needed, or that something is wrong with the way you’ve been asserting yourself.
-I’ve been experiencing a lot of anger at the masculine, appreciating that something needs to kind of fundamentally be corrected.
-I’ve been appreciating Chogyam Trungpa’s articulation of the Buddhist concept of suffering—‘a universal fucked-upness.’ This is in line with the figure of Chiron—an immortal god who was mortally wounded. Even though specific ailments may resolve, suffering itself is, in some way, an infinite dimension of life.
-This draw to relieve suffering is part of the Bodhisattvic mission, forsaking one’s own (maybe illusory) salvation to aide all sentient beings. Our individual ‘sacred wounds’ are pathways to our golden gifts to the collective, our unique medicine.
More tidbits:
-There could be a sense that whatever is arising right now will need to be returned to, that things are a little off and might need to be examined a little bit more fully.
-Mercury will pass by (‘get eaten up by’) the Sun just after the Full Moon. Thus, this process of figuring something out, trying to see things clearly, and surrendering to subtle pushes by the mechanics of the world will be highly emphasized as this lunar cycle ramps up.
-Since Mercury is still conjunct Venus and the two are squaring Pluto, there could be a sense of tension gathering around relationships—some energy accumulating for expression, or something frozen thawing, like a flood releasing.
-Venus’ transits Uranus and trines Mars through the start of this Mercury Retrograde—expect a lot of connections to be made, potentially in fast and fiery manners, that could help flesh out whatever riddles Mercury is mulling over.
    Mars is also entering a decently long conjunction with Saturn, which will be followed by a conjunction with Pluto. For the moment, our ability to act with resolve and clarity might be weighed down, stunted by some heaviness. Through this, our ability to work deeply might actually be enhanced, if we’re able to tune into Saturn’s appreciation for priorities and limitation. On the flip side, we might expect a rejuvenation of this ability to light a spark inside of us. Mars’ conjunction with Pluto might be seen as a trip to the underworld. What needs to be let go of in the way that we’re wielding our fire, and what needs to be reclaimed from the shadows?
    These transits by Mars activate the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which is building over the next couple years. Saturn/Pluto leads to conservative empowerment, organized and disciplined use of force, and the ending of one order and establishment of the next. These two were close through both World Wars and 9/11. The last time they were exact was during the 80s. Get ready for intense, potentially violent structural change worldwide.
    Ceres turns direct on the 19th, after being retrograde since December. Ceres relates to how we feed and nourish ourselves—you might have been reassessing your diet, considering the underlying needs of your hungers, and experimenting with novel ways of pleasure and nourishment. Since Ceres is on the North Node, Ketu, the Head of the Dragon, we can expect these hungers to intensify—the trick will be to stay in contact with our appreciation of the more subtle dimensions of those needs, so as to be able to actually satisfy them.
    Venus’s transit by Uranus is a preamble to the Sun’s coming conjunction with Uranus, which will be very strong approaching the next new moon. Here, we can think of endings and beginnings with regard to our connection to electricity, genius, eccentricity, and community. Since Eris is still in Uranus’ neighborhood, this might have a bit of an edge to it—the trickster calling in a sacred, if uncomfortable rebalancing of an established order. Amidst this, maintaining a sense of equipoise and equanimity will allow us to keep things moving and changing harmoniously and peacefully.
March’s New Moon: Tending the Sacred Wound and Walking a Tightrope

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