Living Prophetically in 2019:
An Astrological Forecast and Calendar-Making Webinar
While prediction restricts and limits to concrete events, prophecy weighs possibilities and invites our most noble self into play.

This year, as the eclipses take place in Capricorn and Saturn has a long series of sextiles with Neptune, it’s especially important that we live with a sound structure.

Creating a calendar, looking ahead, we can pick up little psychic hits from the future—listening for what might want to be born, what to watch out for, and when to act when the time is ripe.

In this webinar, I will go over the major themes of 2019 and give a month-by-month play-by-play of the year.

This is a way to learn or deepen your experience of astrology, by staying with the living pulse of the planets.

PDFs of the calendar will be available the day before for printing. This is not a day/week calendar—rather it’s a lunar, month-by-month calendar that you might put on your wall or integrate with another scheduler.

Practical Details:
I’m offering this on a Sliding scale: $15-45. Pay what you can!

It will take place on Saturday, Jan 5th, at 2pm Central, in a Zoom meeting room.

The event will be recorded and available for purchase.

Send your payment to, and I will send you the link to join the webinar.
Living Prophetically in 2019–An Astrology Forecast and Calendar Making Webinar

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