The last few days the Sun has been in a square with Saturn and Mars, creating a friction with an already frustrating combination. At it’s best, Saturn and Mars create a deep-seated focus and endurance—our Martial spark and initiative gets spurred on by a challenge, and our sense of commitment gets ignited. The Sun’s hard aspect, however, increases the chance that this felt too fiery, as if we were getting singed or burned.
Amidst this, Mercury has been getting eaten up by the Sun. Here, we can think of some deluded way of thinking and perceiving the world getting burned up by a purifying heat. The Sun shapes what it comes into contact with through selection, focusing the heartmind’s light on something in particular, honoring it.
Receiving and reflecting this light has been the Moon, shining from the Lunar Mansion of Hasta. As Hasta is associated with the hands, here we can think about this clarified light being made apparent through our work. Ideally, we’d be experiencing a greater sense of dexterity, capacity, and subtlety in whatever we are doing. Hasta is ruled by Savitar, a solar deity associated with dawn-like, far-seeing vision and a golden-handed creativity. Have you caught any glimpses of this golden-handed capacity in the last few days?
As the Moon wanes, Mercury will station in a square with Saturn, giving us a good chance to listen and converse with this mature, if grumpy and distant part of ourselves. This Saturn is gearing up to go retrograde, to rework its sense of discipline and dedication to what deeply matters. Saturn’s resolve is activated through contemplation of time and limitation—what arises when you think about death, the end of a season, or a finite period of time?
Mars will still be in this neighborhood but separating from Saturn—taking the heat off a sense that things really need to get done—and applying to Pluto, bringing a physical need for depth, naked truth, catharsis and rejuvenation. This Mars aspect will be giving us a taste of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that is going to define the next few years. I’m working on an article about that, which I’ll hopefully get out soon.
Amidst this, the Sun will be moving towards a conjunction with Uranus, bringing an electric charge to the air around the New Moon. To transmute frizziness, look for spontaneity and innovative, liberating activities. Venus has been conjunct Uranus this past week—have you been drawn to anything outside your normal comfort zone? Have you had a taste of something unique, previously unknown? This will be a time to play on that edge.
Curiously, Venus will be going through an opposition with Jupiter, who is now getting moving in his retrograde. Jupiter’s journey while retrograde is inward, away from the typical external world, through the past and into the secret corners. It conjures images of retracing our steps, of reworking our relationship to our maps, beliefs, and relationships to guiding figures. Venus’ transit through it will make this journey more tangible, perhaps providing resources or connections to substantiate this experience.
Hasta Full Moon–Golden Handed Determination

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