So you’re interested in learning more about astrology. Huzzah!

Here is a guide to some great resources so that you can learn to start doing astrological interpretations for yourself. Getting a reading is the best way to really get up to speed on the astrological language and, more importantly, how it relates to you specifically. If you want to learn more about the archetypes and start to do some interpretation for yourself, though, there are plenty of good resources. To start, there are a couple websites where you can get a sense of the terrain. has a ton of free materials for you to look at your chart yourself. If you are new to astrology and want to see your personal portrait, it’s a good starting place. I specifically recommend the AstroClick Portrait, which explains all the planet/sign and planet/house combinations. You might also check out the Personal Daily Horoscope, where you can also look at transits—seeing how different planets are intersecting your chart at different times.

There are a limited number of customizations on this software, though. For example, I really like the minor planets and asteroids, which flesh out a more colorful (and less patriarchal) vision of the sky/mind. I also use the Vedic Nakshatras, which aren’t available on Has a free Vedic Astrology calculator which is pretty good. You’ll be able to see all the major information from a Vedic perspective (which includes the Sidereal Zodiac), although you’ll have to look elsewhere to understand what it all means.

If you’re looking for a quick introduction to the astrological archetypes, I’d point you to my Astrology 101 page. If you want something more substantive, here are a few books I really like:

For more in-depth explorations of the planets, and how astrologers weave them together, I really, really love The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest.

If you are interested in learning about an Indian/Vedic perspective, Light on Life by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda is awesome. It’s a little more academic, but still super satisfying.

If you just want a quick introduction to the Nakshatras (one of the central features of Indian Astrology), this website is pretty great.

If you’re interested in more of the magical legacy of Western Astrology and how you can work with it to become integrated and alive, I can’t recommend Caroline Casey’s Making the Gods Work For You enough. I re-read it or listen to the audio version, Visionary Activist Astrology, every few months–it’s just a really uplifting transmission. Caroline also has a radio show/podcast called The Visionary Activist Show, which is spectacular—she calls it ‘Democracy Now on mushrooms.’

If you’re interested in the more serious/academic side of astrology, wondering about its scientific, historical, or psychological legacy, Richard Tarnas’ Cosmos and Psyche is remarkable. It’s a huge, college-class type book (Richard Tarnas is a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies), but if you want to sink really deeply into astrology, it’s a great spot to dig.

Finally, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars is an enchanting resource on Visual Astrology. It discusses the fixed stars in detail, but more importantly, it describes a manner of using Astrology that opens up the entire night sky–not just the thin slice that is the Zodiac. Just reading the introductory chapter will blow you away.

I also think one of the best ways to learn astrology is to read what regular astrological writers are saying about the present moment.

I’ve been reading Adam Elenbaas at Nightlight Astrology for years—I like to say that it’s one of the only things I do religiously. He’s just a totally wise dude. You can read his work and sign up for his newsletter here:

Austin Coppock is also an enchanting writer. Reading his stuff, I feel like I’m in a fantasy novel, although it’s real life. He writes yearly, monthly, and weekly articles for free, and I think you can pay to sign up for daily stuff. Check him out here:

Sharu offers Full and New Moon reports from the Vedic perspective that are pretty great. He specifically highlights the Nakshatras and has a lot of knowledge of how astrology integrates with different yogic practices. You can find him at

If you have an iPhone or Android, there are a couple apps that are super helpful for tuning into the moment’s energy on the fly. For example, I find it useful to look at what’s going on with the moon at any given moment.

Time Passages will cast the moment’s chart and give interpretations for different aspects, and you can also calculate other people’s charts on the fly! Their full, desktop software is also one of the most user-friendly apps.

Planetary hours are an even more nuanced way to align with the energy of the moment. Astrologers have calculated a way to understand which specific hours of the day are associated with different planets, and I find it to be uncannily nice, almost like it re-habituates me to a natural rhythm of the day.

You can find that online here.

Or in mobile-app form here.

Still not satisfied? Let me know what you’re specifically looking for, and I might be able to guide you to the right place.

To get a juicy astro-download that’s precisely relevant to you, book a reading with me!