Embodied Astrology seeks to weave together heaven and earth, soul and body, psyche and soma. While so much star wisdom is heady and abstract, Astrology needs to be tangible, resonant, and useful to our physical experience. Embodied Astrology brings the stars down to earth by tying the celestial language to physical processes and practices. In return, ritual and symbolic movements unite us with the stars.


This fall, Chelsea Hunter and Charlie Cross will be leading a series of classes exploring the seven traditional astrological bodies, the ‘personal planets’ that are visible to the naked eye. Newcomers to astrology will get a clear and juicy experience of the ancient language. Experienced astrologers will learn novel techniques to deepen their experience of our scientific art.


Our classes will take place on Wednesday nights throughout September and October. It would be lovely if you can join us for all the classes, building on our experience and forming a community around this study, but it’s fine to come for individual evenings that are appropriate for you. Each of these classes will take place on an evening with astrological weather that emphasizes the planet being explored.


September 5th: Saturn 
September 12th: The Moon
September 19th: The Sun
September 26th: Mars
October 10th: Mercury
October 17th: Jupiter
October 24th: Venus


As a part of this class series, you will get access to a Facebook group that will continue our embodied explorations of astrology outside of our weekly meetings. We also plan to record and publish the material and exercises being covered, which you will receive free access to.


This class series is a part of a larger project on Embodied Astrology. This Fall, we are also teaching a workshop at the Co:Creation festival, planning more specialized workshops on specific planetary archetypes, and we are hoping to lead an overnight retreat where we can fully experience our bodies relationship to the stars. You are also encouraged to schedule a reading with Chelsea or Charlie, to explore how these planetary energies play out for you uniquely.


The cost for each individual class is $25, but we are offering all seven classes for $150. The classes will take place at a personal residence and event space in East Austin. Reserve your space by sending money via PayPal to charliecro@gmail.com or chelseahuntress@gmail.com. We will give you access to our class Facebook Group and send you our Introduction to Embodied Astrology!


Chelsea Hunter is a wild child of the Divine. She dedicates herself to cultivating, nurturing and honoring the sacred conversation she has with the seen and unseen benevolent forces of love. Chelsea has spent many years of her life in passionate intimacy with Dance, yoga, meditation, and astrology. Her prayer is to offer herself as a vessel of love to help others experience a deeper connection with themselves and life through the practices of self-study and inviting the soul back into the body.


Charlie Cross is an artist, athlete, and astrologer. He first encountered astrology in 2013, on the tail end of an initiatory injury which cracked him open to ancient understandings of the body and soul. Shortly thereafter he started offering readings. Since then, he’s continued exploring the body and soul, studying with a number of different astrologers, Qigong masters, and spiritual teachers.