Join Chelsea Hunter and Charlie Cross on Wednesday, September 5th for a deep, embodied dive into the archetype of Saturn.

We will be exploring the full experience of Saturn in a physical manner, weaving together somatic meditation, Qigong, Yoga and dance with archetypal astrology, developmental psychology and mythological role-play. Come and engage more deeply with this difficult but crucial energy. Saturn is the weight of the world, but also our structure and container, the Alchemical Vessel. You will leave with a greater sense of alignment, integrity, and authority in your being. This workshop will be held at a private residence and event space in East Austin. Come work your Saturn just before it stations direct on September 6th!

Embodied Astrology seeks to weave together heaven and earth, soul and body, psyche and soma. While so much star wisdom is heady and abstract, Astrology needs to be tangible, resonant, and useful in our physical existence. Embodied Astrology brings the stars down to earth by tying the celestial language to physical processes and practices. Likewise, ritual and symbolic movements unite us with the stars. This Saturn class will be the first in a series of Embodied Astrology classes available this fall.

Charlie Cross is an artist, athlete, and astrologer. He first encountered astrology in 2013, on the tail end of an initiatory injury which cracked him open to ancient understandings of the body and soul. Shortly thereafter he started offering readings. Since then, he’s continued exploring the body and soul, studying with a number of different astrologers and Qigong masters. You can find his work at

Chelsea Hunter is a wild child of the Divine. She dedicates herself to cultivating, nurturing and honoring the sacred conversation she has with the seen and unseen benevolent forces of love. Chelsea has spent many years of her life in passionate intimacy with Dance, yoga, meditation, and astrology. Her prayer is to offer herself as a vessel of love to help others experience a deeper connection with themselves and life through the practices of self-study and inviting the soul back into the body.

Reserve your spot by sending $25 on (Friends and Family) to or, or sign up for all 7 classes for $150! Once we receive your payment, we will send you our Introduction to Embodied Astrology. Message Charlie at 210-392-751 for the address 🙂

Embodied Astrology: Saturn

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