Measuring the Sun’s path, the Solstice is the real new year, even if the months don’t line up with the Zodiac and I don’t feel ready yet. Jupiter is in Sag and conjunct Mercury, Mars is speeding up through Pisces and activating Chiron, this Solstice is a Full Moon, and everything feels big and fast when this time of the year is traditionally a time to slow down. Sun is actually standing still right now, in the same way that we can’t see the moon for the three days around the new moon. I Ching Hexagram 24, ‘Return,’ or ‘Renewal’ is about this time period, when the highways would close and we were encouraged to return to our beginnings to start a new cycle.

On Christmas Sun will start moving Northward again, days will start really getting longer, and this is thought to be the magic moment, the source of light and life growing stronger, the return of the king. Then Sun will start moving more closely to Saturn, on New Years Mars enters Aries, and on the 6th there’s a partial Solar Eclipse, and altogether it’s a brilliant time for new commitments and vigor.

I’m getting ready for a big and clear year. Right now, I’m lining it out astrologically in my calendar. It’s a cool and simple form of creating the future, living prophetically, looking into the planetary topography of the future and dreaming with it. Sometimes I hear little precognitive possibilities speaking up, asking to come into existence when the time is ripe.

I’d like to share this with other people, too. Next week I’m hosting a forecast talk and planning session, and if you want to come, I’ll give you my astrological calendar for 2019 and walk you through the months. More on that soon, soon.. Let me know if you’re interested!

Also, a reminder—I can do astrology readings as gifts! See my previous post for more info..


Brief Solstice Thoughts

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