I am an artist and an astrologer.

Part dream-weaver and part window-cleaner,

part dance instructor and part team mom,

I aim to provide a lucid mirror for engagement with this dream called life.

Astrology found in me (Charlie Cross) an open heart-mind during my junior year at Carleton College, in Northfield, Minnesota, in the spring, when the ice was thawing and the greenery was starting to bloom. I was starting to flourish myself, on the tail end of a major healing, after being cracked open by a torn Sartorius muscle.

I was enjoying the sun and skin, but I found deeper nourishment in the night sky and Steven Forrest’s The Inner Sky. The stars and I fell head over heels in love, enchanted. Like a new pair of glasses, life felt sharper and more beautiful. Beneath the pain and confusion of the previous year and a half, I discovered an enlivening trust that there was an order to the universe and an epic story for me to live.

Five years later, I’ve given hundreds of tarot and astrology readings. I graduated from Carleton, writing my Religion thesis on the Occupy movement and its relationship to the Spirituality. I’ve studied Evolutionary Astrology with Ari Moshe, have completed Adam Sommer’s Chart Interpretation course, am currently studying intensively with Lama Somananda Tantrapa, a lineage holder in Qi Dao ( a system that integrates Dream Yoga with embodiment practices) and have surveyed a wide breadth of other spiritual, somatic, and magical systems.

I’m in a continuously evolving relationship with oracles, art, and the body. I’ve learned to listen to everyday synchronicities, to dreams and and the oddities that arise in meditation,  and the curious clarity that comes out of me in visual art, music dance. I have a deepening relationship with certain spirits that come to me throughout my day (mostly through clairaudience), and the planets, which arise in dreams and speak up through the rest of my reality. I’ve been guided to study different astrological traditions, and am have settled into my own unique blend of Vedic and Western methods, as well as understandings which reach back further and farther forward than either. For the last couple years, I’ve also taken notes on applications and programs to explore new ways of using technology and integrating the body with Astrology.

Through all of this, I’ve come to realize that life is a dream, which can be a nightmare or a lucid adventure. Astrology precisely articulates the energies that make up this dream, animating our body and mind in different ways at different times. Connecting to these core archetypes and noticing them within our experience, we have the opportunity to merge heaven and earth and come closer to the essence of life, this curious space in between symbol and reality, between spirit and matter. My intention as an explorer and guide is to be a lucid mirror for engaging with this mystery. I hope to be a reminder of this miraculous enchantment, to be living in the most enlivening flow with my fellow adventurers.

I would love nothing more than to explore the mystery with you.

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